Small and powerful - Sony has created a fundamentally new camera module

We inform those who does not know. Sony - one of the largest suppliers of components for the mobile consumer electronics manufacturers.

Chinese LENOVO COMPANY closes MOTOROLA brand

A significant change will be implemented into Motorola brand name. Chinese brand Lenovo which bought Motorola Mobility in 2014, informs that Motorola will keep the iconic M "batwing", but consumers will stop seeing the Motorola name on Moto products. Instead, they'll be branded Moto by Lenovo.

Mark Zuckerberg has decided to create personal AI-ASSISTANT

Mark Zuckerberg is known not only as the founder of the biggest social network Facebook, but also as a person who takes a challenge every year and achieves it.

Samsung has given up in the fight with the iPhone

The main competitor of Apple Company - Samsung has conducted an analysis of their own sales in 2015 and decided to reduce the supplies of mobile devices in 2016.

PHILIPS will set up the LED street lights with 4G-MODEM in LA

Philips Company together with Ericsson has developed a new type of street lighting.

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